Application for Board Certification

  1. Application for Board Certification, accompanied by required application and examination fees, may be submitted at any time an applicant feels he or she meets the General and Education Requirements for Board Certification.
  2. It is not required that the applicant has met the Clinical Experience Requirements at the time of submission of the Application for Board Certification. However, Board Certification will not be granted until all such requirements have been met to the satisfaction of the Board.
  3. Applicants for Certification must submit a Certification Processing fee of $750, which consists of a non-refundable $250 application fee, and a $500 examination fee. The portion of the Processing fee attributable to the examination shall be waived for those applicants who have successfully completed the examination process.
  4. The Board will conduct such review and evaluation as necessary to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for Board Certification including the General Requirements, the Education Requirements, the Clinical Experience Requirements and the Examination Requirements.
  5. Applicants whose applications have been approved as to the General Requirements and the Education Requirements only are considered “board eligible”. Those applicants who have been determined to be “board eligible” may take the Board Examination. However, Board Certification will not be granted until all requirements have been met, including the Clinical Experience requirements.

Review the entire list of requirements before completing an application.