The Certificate

Upon approval of the application and the candidate’s successful completion of the examination and completion of the Clinical Experience Requirements, the Board will grant a certificate to the effect that the candidate has met the requirements of the Board. The recipient of a certificate will be known as a Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (DABMA) and may use such title or initials in his/her professional name.

All certificates issued are time-limited, expiring on June 30th of the tenth year following the date issued. Re-certification procedures are described briefly in the following section.

A certificate granted by the ABMA does not of itself confer or purport to confer any degree or legal qualifications, privileges or license to practice medical acupuncture. The ABMA does not limit or interfere with the professional activity of any duly licensed physician who is not certified by this Board. Privileges granted physicians in the practice of medical acupuncture in any hospital or clinic are the prerogatives of that hospital or clinic, not of this Board.

The names of Diplomates of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture appear in the Official Roster of Diplomates of the ABMA available from the Board office and on the Academy website.

Revocation of Certification

A Certificate issued by the Board is issued with the understanding that it remains the property of the Board, and, upon request, must be returned to the Board. Any certificate issued by the Board shall be subject to revocation at any time if the Board determines, in its sole judgment, that the Diplomate holding the certificate was in some respect not properly qualified to receive or retain it. 

Reasons for Revocation

The ABMA may at is sole discretion revoke a certificate for due cause, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. The Diplomate made any material misstatement or omission to the Board.
  2. The Diplomate did not possess the necessary qualifications and requirements to receive the certificate at the time it was issued, whether or not the Board knew of such deficiency.
  3. The Diplomate engaged in irregular behavior in connection with an examination of the ABMA, whether or not such practice had an effect on the performance of the candidate on that examination.
  4. The Diplomate engaged in conduct that violated the moral or ethical standards of medical practice accepted by organized medicine in the locality where the Diplomate is practicing, resulting in revocation, suspension, qualification or other limitation of his or her license to practice medicine, or the expulsion, suspension, disqualification or other limitation from membership in a local, regional, national or other organization of his or her professional peers.
  5. The Diplomate’s license to practice medicine has been revoked, suspended, qualified or limited in any jurisdiction.

 Re-Certification Procedures

Certificates issued by the ABMA expire on June 30th of the tenth year following the date of issuance. To maintain certification beyond the 10-year period, Diplomates must participate in the re-certification program.

To participate in the re-certification program, a Diplomate must:

  • Hold a current, valid, unrestricted license to practice medicine or osteopathy in a United States licensing jurisdiction or licensure in Canada.
  • Pay an annual $50 maintenance fee.
  • Provide evidence of a total of 150 hours of continuing acupuncture education over the ten year period, reported annually.
  • Successfully complete a re-certification examination.

Enrollment in the re-certification program is automatic for all Diplomates. Failure to pay the annual fee or failure to report continuing education credits earned for three or more years is considered nonparticipation. Non-participants will be advised when their certificates expire. Delayed participation in the re-certification process may require completion of the requirements for initial certification in order to re-establish certification. Therefore, Diplomates are advised to monitor their participation carefully.

Additional Information

For additional information about the American Board of Medical Acupuncture, board certification requirements and procedures, or a Board Certification Application, please contact the ABMA Executive Office at the following location:

American Board of Medical Acupuncture
2512 Artesia Blvd, Ste 200
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 379-8261 voice
(310) 379-8283 fax